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Cacoa Elora

60 The Knoll




This is not a shop or factory unit but our home.

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

Ask for John Cowings


0771 2171080


or John.Cowings@cacoaelora.co.uk


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New range for Christmas

With a new season comes a new selection - so for our busiest time of the year - Christmas - we will have a superb range of filled chocolates with a few exciting new flavours; a range of malt whiskies; pralines; gingers; marzipans with exciting additions; nougat; and a whole range of little favourites such as our choc shots for that cold evening and our chocolate mice - a nostalgic gift for many thousands of people when they were children.


Look out for our extra markets and events in the run up to Christmas. 


For more information please contact us on 0771 2171080 or email cacoaelora@gmail.com



Craft chocolate - bean to bar

We started to produce our own chocolate from scratch in January 2017 - known as craft chocolate or bean to bar, we now purchase our own beans, roast and dehusk them, and then grind them down to create a range of our own chocolate bars using beans from Ecuador, Colombia, Madagascar, Grenada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, The Congo, and Papua New Guinea, the Phillipines and hopefully Brazil.


Why not treat that special chocolate lover to a Christmas Gift Pack of 3 small Bean to Bar Bars!




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