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This is not a shop or factory unit but our home.

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Handcrafted chocolates, ruffles and pralines you'll love
Handcrafted chocolates, truffles, bars and treats you'll love
Handcrafted chocolates, truffles, bars and treats you'll love

Our range

Our current range of chocolates, truffles and bars is listed below for you to order:.

New for 2017


Box of mixed chocolates (12 chocolates)                                                                                         £14.00


Box of mixed chocolates (6 chocolates)                                                                                            £7.50


Bean to Bar 120g Elora Chocolate Bar (Dark or Milk)                                                                       £6.00


Bean to Bar Taster Size Bar                                                                                                              £3.00


World Bars 120 g                                                                                                                                £5.40


Taster 40g Bars including World Bars                                                                                                £2.20


Choc shots for making hot chocolate  (2 per pack)                                                                            £4.00



Chocolates - from: Cappuccino in white chocolate, Raspberry Hearts, Lemon and Coriander,  Himalayan Salted Caramels, Maple & Pecan Praline, Lime & Red Chilli, Violet Gin Truffle, Orange & Prosecco with white chocolate, Islay Malt Whisky, Cocoa Ale Truffle, Pistachio Praline with white chocolate, Crete Thyme Homey & Saffron, Chai Latte.........


Bean to Bar Elora Bars: Dark chocolate - 80%, 75%, 70% cocoa; Milk chocolate: 50%, 40% and 35% cocoa; White chocolate made using cocoa butter, sugar aand milk powder with a hint of vanilla. Beans from countries such aas Colombia, Peru, Madagascar and Grenada


World Chocolate Bars - from countries such as Peru, Colombia, Equador, Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad, San Domingue(including Haiti), Madagascar, Ghana, Tanzania, Venezuela and Papua/ New Guinea             

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