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This is not a shop or factory unit but our home.

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About Cacoa Elora

Name of company
Cacoa Elora

Registered office
60 The Knoll
Matlock DE4 5FN


Contact details
Tel: 0771 1080
E-mail: cacoaelora@gmail.com



Business ID no.


VAT no: 189498038

Public Liability insurance with Direct Line.


Regulatory authority
Food hygiene - Derbyshire Dales District Council. Food Hygiene Rating of 5.


Allergens - we use cream and butter; hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and pecans; occasionally we will add biscuit content with gluten; a range of fruits .ncluding strawberries; eggs are used if we produce our Lemon Hearts or Advocaat chocolates. We also produce vegan filled chocolates for vegan food events 


Our Bean to bar chocolate is kept as pure as we can - with the bean, cocoa butter and unrefined sugar for dark chocolate and the addition of milk powder to produce milk chocolate. We use beans from a number of countries to broaden your opportunity to taste how wonderful chocolate can be. Currently, we have beans from Colombia, Madagascar, Grenada, Pure Nacionale from Maranon in Peru, Forrestero from the Brazilian Amazon, Trinitario from St Vincent in the Caribbean, really smokey beans from Papua New Guinea!, and Guatemala.


We also produce single origin chocolate from Casa Luker, Cocoa Barry, Callebaut and other smaller producers. 


Truffle and praline fillings made without artificial additives and unnatural preservatives.


Our dark chocolate bars are dairy and gluten free, our milk and white bars are gluten-free. Some of our flavoured or inclusion bars may contain gluten - please check before purchasing.

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