Handcrafted chocolates, ruffles and pralines you'll love
Craft chocolate from the Derbyshire Dales
Craft chocolate from the Derbyshire Dales
Bean to bar now available
You can find us at a number of good food markets and fairs
Our World Bars - some with exciting flavoured oils too!

We have a new range for Spring 2017

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You can purchase a whole range of chocolates and truffles, bars and sundries from our shop.

Single flavours or mixed boxes
For those who like the same chocolate a few times to eat alone or share

We make over 20 different uniquely filled chocolates & truffles & a range of world bars & Bean to Bar

All our products are handcrafted and use best quality chocolate, our own handmade fillings including ganaches, caramels and alcohol and fruit purees. We also try to make our packaging a little unique.



Grinding down the beans, cocoa butter & sugar is the starting point for our bean to bar chocolate
Box of 12 Filled Chocolates Spring 2017 range
Handmade chocolates start with the tempering of chocolate

The perfect gift for a birthday, family celebration, for valentimes, for your wedding, Easter, Christmas, or just to impress your friends at the end of a dinner party


Welcome to Cacoa Elora


Welcome to Cacoa Elora

Cacoa Elora produces the finest Belgian chocolate covered truffles and pralines, along with a wide range of bars using chocolate from around the world. They are handcrafted in our kitchen in Tansley just outside Matlock, on the edge of the Peak District, and presented ready as gifts or as an individual treat. New for 2017 are the Bean to Bar Elora Bars. We think we will be the only chocolatier making Bean to Bar chocolate in Derbyshire!


We are now producing and making available a wide range of bars using chocoilate from around the World - Papua & New Guinea, Java in Indonesia, Tanzania, Ghana, Saint Domingue, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Equador, Madegascar, Peru and Brazil.


Bean to Bar Elora Bars - made using only roasted cacao and sugar (with milk powder added for milk bars) is our exciting new product for 2017. Taking over 20 hours to conch the cacao and sugar, a time for maturing, only then is the chocolate ready for tempering and making into the finest bars at 80%, 75% and 70% cocoa content for dark chocolate, and 50%, 40% and 35% for milk bars. We will shortly have an enhanced range of Bean to Bar using beanss from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, The Congo and Papua New Guinea.


You can also find us on the Made in Derbyshire website :http://www.madeinderbyshire.org/members/cacoa-elora-matlock-derbyshire


We also offer a service for corporate events, weddings and other celebrations when we can produce bespoke chocolates just for you and your friends, family or colleagues. And new for 2017 we are keen to offer corporate gifts for the companies who care about their employees or customer






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